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Rebuilding a Lucene Cache

[ad name=”breit”] In a current project we are using an Apache Lucene Cache to increase search performance over an aggregation of data drawn from a SQL database. Everything works fine so far. Performance is really great. In a first approach … Continue reading

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deploying a web application with maven into apache tomcat

[ad name=”breit”] This article refers to Maven 2.1.0 and Apache Tomcat 6.0.18 on a Windows machine. Auto-deploying a web application with Maven into Tomcat should be straightforward, but has some minor pitfalls. After I got it working today, I want … Continue reading

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getting a local wordpress installation

[ad name=”breit”] I spent this evening installing wordpress locally to have an offline playground. I already had an Apache 2.2 web server. So, next I installed MySql 5.1, used the command line tool to create a database (create database wordpress;) … Continue reading

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